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How do I update opportunity stages automatically?
How do I update opportunity stages automatically?

Can I use Zapier to move opportunities to the next stage?

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With Zapier, almost anything is possible. πŸ™Œ

You can update opportunity stages automatically in Salesflare using the 'Update Opportunity' action.

How do I do that?

1. Start setting up your zap with a trigger step

Depending on what you want to trigger the stage update on, set this up in the first step of your zap. For example, when a Typeform survey is filled out, move the opportunity to a new stage. This is the trigger step (first step) of your zap.Β 

2. Add an Update Opportunity action step

Easy. Just search for Salesflare, then select 'Update Opportunity'.

Select your Salesflare account and continue. If you haven't already connected your Salesflare account in Zapier, you can create an API key in Settings > API keys.

In the 'Set Up Template' section, under 'Opportunity' you will see an 'Add a Search Step' button. Click this.Β 

This will add a 'Find Opportunity' step to your zap. This is because Zapier must first search for the opportunity to know which one needs to be updated.Β 

In the search step you can search for the opportunity by opportunity ID, name or Account ID. Heads up - it's the account ID, not the account name.Β 

If you have any previous Salesflare steps in the zap, you may be able to pull in the account ID from there. Otherwise, add a 'Find Account' step.

Search for the Account by name or website from a previous step and continue.Β 

Now that you've found the account, go back to the 'Find Opportunity' step and pull in the 'Account ID' in the 'Account' field.

Make sure you pull in the account ID, not the account name. You can double check you've pulled in the correct info if the account ID is a number.
Now, back to the 'Update Opportunity' step to set up your zap. πŸ‘‡

3. Set up your 'Update Opportunity' template

Decide which stage you want the opportunity to move to when the first step is triggered. In our example, when the Typeform survey is filled out, the opportunity moves to the 'Qualified' stage.

Define this in the 'Stage' field.Β 

Feel free to pull in data from previous steps of your zap for as many other fields as you'd like.

Warning! If you move the opportunity to a stage that has a probability higher than 0%, a close date is required.

More on what date/times you can input here.
Press continue and test your zap.

Turn your zap on and ta-da! Your opportunities are now moving stages automatically for you. πŸ€–

Any questions? Just ping us on the chat!

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