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Can I update custom fields using Zapier?
Can I update custom fields using Zapier?

How do I push data to custom fields using Zapier?

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Yes, you can. πŸ™Œ

Through Zapier, you can push data to custom fields on accounts, contacts and opportunities.Β 

How does it work?

On all account/contact/opportunity related actions in Zapier, you will find a section called 'Custom Fields'.Β 

In the left box, put the name of the custom field you've created in Settings > Customize fields > Account/Contact/Opportunity in Salesflare.

In the right box, pull in the data from a previous step of your zap.

To update another custom field, press the plus sign on the right and follow the same process.

​It's not possible to update the following custom field types through Zapier: tags, dropdown, multi-select dropdown, auto-complete and files.

The rest of the custom field types are fair game. This includes the types "account", "accounts", "contact", "contacts", "user" and "users", provided you find their id in a previous Zapier step.

To find out more on all the possibilities, read our article on custom field types.

Continue setting up the rest of your zap and turn it on.Β 

It's easy as that!Β 

Any questions? Just ping us on the chat. πŸ’¬

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