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How do I import my LinkedIn connections in Salesflare?
How do I import my LinkedIn connections in Salesflare?

Curious how you can import your LinkedIn connections into your Salesflare account? Here is how!

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Want to get your LinkedIn connections into Salesflare?

Let us show you how to that in three simple steps.

1. Export your LinkedIn Data

In order to export your data from LinkedIn, we recommend following these steps:

  • Go to this link: LinkedIn Data Export. There are multiple options available, but we suggest importing data related to your connections. This way, you will receive information such as the first and last name of the connection, the company the person works for, and their position in the organization.

  • Click on "Request Archive," and your download will be available within 10 minutes.

  • When it’s ready, you will receive an email to the address linked to your LinkedIn profile, and the file will be immediately available to download.

2. Prepare your LinkedIn Data for importing

Before you can use the exported file in Salesflare, it's essential to make a quick adjustment.

Start by deleting the first three rows so that the first row contains the headers of the columns.

Once the file is prepared, you'll notice that the LinkedIn connection export includes crucial fields like "first name," "last name," and "company," allowing Salesflare to find business email addresses during import.

If you're planning to import the LinkedIn Connection Date in a custom field, make sure it's formatted in YYYY-MM-DD format.

3. Import your data into Salesflare

Your file is now available and it's time to import it into Salesflare. This can be done effortlessly through your account by navigating to Settings > Import Data. At the top, you will find the three options for importing data, make sure to select Contacts. Simply click on the orange plus button to choose the entity you want to import first.

Here's how to map and import the file into your Salesflare contacts effectively:

  • First Name to “First name”

  • Last Name to “Last name”

  • URL to “LinkedIn”

  • Email Address is better not mapped into Salesflare, as it usually contains personal email addresses you won’t use for business purposes. If you want to import it anyway, map it to “Email”.

  • Company to “Account name” (or “Organization” if you don’t want to link the contacts to accounts)

  • Position to “Role”

  • (Optional) Connected On: You may create a custom field type "Date" named “LinkedIn Connection Date” and map this last column to it.

Additionally, it’s best to check the checkbox "Find email address when none is specified (uses credits)" if you want to make sure Salesflare can visualize emails and meetings, suggest the contact on the right account, and effectively deduplicate your contacts.

Do you need more assistance with importing your file and mapping the fields? Check out our complete guide on importing data in Salesflare.

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