Data driven targeting is the new normal

No need to open the Yellow Pages book anymore and call the list alphabetically.

In times of internet and data, you can make laser targeted lists with no effort whatsoever.

You can target based on:

  • Company data: geography, industry, # employees ...

  • Professional contact data: title, function, past school, seniority, language,  ...

  • Personal contact data: relationship status, likes, 

  • Financial data: revenues, profit, growth, ...

  • Technological data: email service, hosting provider, advertising scripts, analytics scripts, mobile technology, web widgets, ...

  • Web data: search metrics, web traffic, ...

  • Social data: # followers, influence, growth, ...

  • Coverage: press mentions, blog mentions, reviews, ...

Where to start?

So where the %[email protected]! do you get started?

I highly recommend LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


  • It's quick and easy.

  • And it's the most complete and accurate professional database in the world.

  • It's dirt cheap if you compare it to any lead list buying service out there. (Ok, you don't get email addresses, but here's more on that.)

Just use the Lead Builder to build your lead list, using the company data and professional contact data filters available. You'll have a great lead list in minutes.

I have a list of prospects. What now?

Now, let's work on that list and contact them!

There's basically two options:

  1. You contact them through LinkedIn InMails and requests. No need to leave Sales Navigator for that. It's all built in.

  2. You don't contact them through LinkedIn.

In the second case, you'll want to export them to make it easier on yourself.

For that, there's DuxSoup. Or any competitor, like Voogy, but I personally use and like DuxSoup.

DuxSoup visits all the profiles in your list and puts the details in a csv. Just open in Excel... and there you go.

You can contact them via:

  • Twitter: Easy. People often put their Twitter username on LinkedIn. You'll have it in Excel. With a tool like Manageflitter you can even follow them in one batch.

  • Email: With first name, last name and company website you'll get a long way to find their business email address. Again, there's more on that here.

  • Phone: Some more work. Best is to get someone on UpWork visit all the company websites for you and get number. Or pull it out of another company database. Happy to hear if you have more creative ideas!

  • Facebook ads: Facebook has an awesome custom audiences feature. Problem is that you'll need personal email addresses. There's a funny hack for this here.

As soon as you get hold of a good lead, make an opportunity (and account) in Salesflare. That's all you need to do to easily keep track from there on!

Good luck selling!

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