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How do I best set up my sales pipeline?
How do I best set up my sales pipeline?

Pipeline management 101 πŸ’‘

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Set up a pipeline to build a process

Think of your sales pipeline as a process through which you guide your prospects to become customers.

What are the steps you need to take with them? How does a lead evolve to a won or lost deal?

These steps are the stages in your pipeline. Take a few minutes to write them down.

Visualize to take control

Now set up this pipeline in Salesflare to have a visual overview of who's where in your process.

Head to Settings > Configure pipeline. You can hit the orange button to create stages, hit the pencil icon to edit stages, and drag and drop to reorder them.

This enables you take control of your process. And it will make you feel more in control as well.

Build in qualification to be more efficient

Now think of your pipeline as a funnel. How can you quickly filter in this process and make sure you spend your precious time with the best prospects?
This is where good qualification comes in. You need to proactively decide whether the prospect is a good one. To make an objective decision, use the BANT criteria: you think you'll be able to close the deal because:

  • they have a budget to spend (Budget)

  • you're talking to the right person (Authority)

  • they have a need for your product (Need)

  • and there's a definite timeline; not "some day". (Timeline)

Define a stage where you say "yay or nay". The earlier you do it the better.

A concrete example

Here's a concrete example of how you can stage it (for e.g. software sales):

  • Lead: you've found a good prospect, ready to contact

  • Contacted: you're in contact with the prospect

  • Interested: the prospect shows interest

  • Qualified: you've qualified the prospect as a good one (see above)

  • Trial: the prospect is trying your software

  • Won/Lost: the prospect becomes a customer... or not

Need help defining the right stages? Hit us up on the chat.

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