When adding users to your team in Salesflare, admins and non-admins have access to different things.

What's the difference?

As admin, you can:

Manage your team

  • Invite colleagues
  • Enable/disable users
  • Make other users admins
  • Group users
  • Change team name

Set targets

  • Set yearly targets per pipeline and per sales rep

Configure pipelines

  • Create/delete/edit pipelines
  • Add/remove/edit stages

Update billing

  • Change subscription
  • Add invoicing details

Customize fields

  • Enable/disable standard & predefined fields
  • Create custom fields

What else can admins do?

Admins can add themselves to accounts they aren’t a part of.
They can delete anything in the team, including opportunities they're not owners of.
They can change the owner of opportunities they aren't owners of.

How do I become admin?

Any admin can make other users admins.

Just ask one on your team to go to Settings > Manage your team and press the 3 dots on the right of your name, then 'Make admin'.

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