1. Add headers to each column

If you go to Settings > Customize fields, you will see the different field options under the Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities tabs. These are the fields that you can import with. If you use the same names for your headers, they will automatically map for you during import so you don't have to select from the dropdown menus yourself.

*Exception: for an Opportunities import, you can't import Account website. You can only import websites when importing accounts.

2. Import a .csv file

At the moment, the import module only supports .csv files so you must convert to this when importing. In the future, we will accept excel files as well.

3. Import Accounts and Contacts files separately

Unless you have only one contact per account, you will have files that contain the account name multiple times next to each contact under that account. This makes duplicate accounts in your Salesflare upon import. 

Re-importing contacts does not create duplicates, but updates the contacts (not so for accounts).

Example of a bad Accounts import file:

Why is it bad?
There are duplicates of the account name. If you used the file from the image above for an Accounts import, you would import 8 Salesflare accounts, 2 Snapchat accounts, 2 Instagram accounts & 3 Airbnb accounts. 

Example of a good Accounts import file:

Why is this a good example?
 The account is only listed one time and the headers are correct.

Also notice, for an Accounts import, the header for the column listing account (company) names should be named Name.

This is just a simple example. Don't forget, if you go to Settings > Customize fields, you will find all the types of information you can import for Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities by clicking on the respective tabs at the top.

*Exception: if you want to link a contact or opportunity straight to an account -- you will also need a column for Account Name in your file. (Which isn't shown under Contacts on the list of field options in Settings > Customize fields.)

For a Contacts import, it's optional to include a column for the account. If you do include a column for accounts, the header should be Account Name.

For an Opportunities import, it's required to include a column for accounts. The header for accounts should be Account Name.

Here's a guide on how to import, with visuals.

Happy importing!

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