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How do I insert merge fields in my email workflow?
How do I insert merge fields in my email workflow?

Can I insert merge tags in the subject line?

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Now that Salesflare's released email workflows, it's time to get up to speed on all the things you can do with it. 

First step: merge fields. ✨

To start, create your email workflow so you can type your message.

Now for merge tags - you will find a list of merge fields in the email compose window.

You can choose as many merge fields from this list as you want to insert in your email campaign.

For example, you can start an email with Hey [first name]. If you select the 'First name' merge field, it will replace [first name] with the contact's actual first name.

The merge field will appear in your email like this:
{{ first_name | fallback="REPLACE_THIS" }}

The REPLACE_THIS part is the fallback.

That means whatever words you replace REPLACE_THIS with will appear in the email if that data isn't available for the contact.

For example:
 Hey {{ first_name | fallback="there" }} !

In the email you send out, if a contact's first name is not in Salesflare then the email will start with 'Hey there!' instead.

To preview your merge fields, just press on the Preview button in the tool bar at the bottom.

If you forget to remove REPLACE_THIS, or don't want a fallback, don't worry. Salesflare makes sure REPLACE_THIS is invisible if you don't remove it.

Can I put merge fields in the subject line? 

Yep. 👌

Just  select the merge field in the body and copy/paste it into the subject line.

For more on Salesflare's email workflows feature, watch here. 💌

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