With PieSync, you can sync your address book (Google Contacts, Office 365, iCloud...) and Salesflare contacts both ways.

Here's how:

Set up an account with PieSync.

First, search your address book. For example, Google Contacts.
Second, search for Salesflare.

Next, authorize both your Google Contacts and your Salesflare account.

It will ask for your API key. Head into Salesflare > Settings > API keys and copy and paste the API key from there.

You can also Customize the settings in various ways.
We recommend keeping the second additional option checked ("Do not sync people existing in Salesflare's "My Contacts".") as this helps to keep your address book clean.

Press Start Syncing.

The initial sync can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your address book. Any contacts you create after the initial sync is complete should sync with your other address book within 5 minutes. 

There you go! Now your Salesflare and Google Contacts are synced. 😀

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